Posted by: napoligrouprealtors | March 28, 2009

Home Inspections are a Good Investment

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it’s crucial to include a professional home inspection as part of the process. It might be tempting to save a couple of dollars by passing on a home inspection, however that approach could end up costing you big time in repairs.

 Consumers can only see so much when looking at a home.  In addition to

Home Inspections a Good Investment

Home Inspections a Good Investment

seeing if the home suits their needs and “falling in love” with it; they also look at certain familiar aspects of the home to assure them that the home is or could be sound.  Mostly, it’s cosmetic.

A Home Inspector looks beyond cosmetic and gives the consumer a clear mechanical and structural look at the home.  The consumer will receive a approximate 15 page report on the home, which will include recommendations on what needs to be repaired now or in the future and recommendations for use and preventative maintenance.  These reports are easy to read and normally are explained by the inspector page by page.

Most consumers feel if the home is “New” it doesn’t need a home inspection.  What you need to know is that most of the inspectors’ write-ups on a pre-owned home are from when it was originally built.  To me, a new home “MUST” have a home inspection.

A major write-up on a home inspection places the burden on the Seller.  In most offers the buyer sets an amount of repair to cover home inspection write-ups.  A major repair can easily exceed the set standard or $500-$1000.  The buyer can insist the seller makes the major repair or the buyer will “Walk”.  Normally, the seller will make the repair knowing they will be faced with the same repair on the next sale and home inspection.

The bottom line is that a home inspection is not expensive and one of the best financial investment consumers can make.

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